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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  March 23, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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>> good evening, americans, we are live in new york. you are looking live at the rally for justice for trayvon martin. and the state attorney has just announced a task force to respond to the trayvon case. this story is far from over and many americans are still hungry for justice. >> i have come to the decision >> i have come to the decision that i must temporarily remove myself from the position as police chief. >> sanford's police chief is out and the rally for trayvon martin is under way. >> i only want one thing. it's real simple. i want an arrest. >> tonight, turner clayton junior of the naacp, the huffington post, lee, and dr. james peterson on america's perfect storm of injustice. the etch-a-sketch candidate is
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changing the facts again. >> i keep hearing the president say he's responsible for america not going into a deep depression. no. that was president bush. >> the latest romney delusion. >> karl rove and newt gingrich come down with a case of obama derangement syndrome. >> he's a christian whose policies are to apologize to muslim extremists while they're killing. >> the american hero versus the american zero. >> there's already messiness in place. this [ bleep ] me off. >> tonight, tammy duckworth is my exclusive guest. >> thanks for watching. it's been 25 days since the killing of teenager trayvon martin and no developments on the shooter. governor rick scott has changed the state attorney on the case. he has also announced a task
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force to convene after the investigation is complete. sanford police chief, bill lee, has temporarily stepped down. >> i stand by the sanford police department, its personnel and investigation conducted in the trayvon martin case. it's apparent my involvement in this matter is overshadowing the process. therefore, i have come to the decision i must temporarily remove myself from the position as police chief for the city of sanford. it is my hope the investigation process will move forward swiftly and appropriately through the justice system and a final determination in this case is reached. >> a temporary move. what does that mean? the killing of trayvon martin
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has led to calls for the police chief to resign. trayvon's parents says the police chief's action is not enough. >> i think since the chief has stepped down, it's a temporary relief but we need a permanent relief. i still say we need an arrest. >> we want an arrest and conviction and want him sentenced for the murder of our son. >> just moments ago, thousands converged in sanford, florida, the rally, led by my founder here, reverend al sharpton. earlier today, trayvon's parents met with u.s. justice department officials. it included robert o'neil and the official from the civil rights division. the effects of florida's stand your ground law are coming to light like never before and under scrutiny. reports of homicide have tripled in florida after the law went into effect in 2005. the law has been invoked in 93
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cases with 65 deaths. the law has been used as an excuse to shoot in deadly arguments between neighbors, in bar fights, in road rage incidents and gang shootings. u.s. congressman hastings has called for the repeal of florida's stand your ground law. self-defense is being twisted into a license to kill. it's worse when race iches is added to the mix. opponents of florida's stand your ground law predicted it would lead to racially motivated killings. today, congressman john lewis said this. >> it reminded me of that awful day, august 28th, 1955, when emmitt teal was lynched in mississippi. there should be a sense of righteous indignation in america, the same way we had during the days of lynching and when people had been beaten in the streets during the height of the civil rights movement.
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>> the lynching of emmitt till was in a different era before the civil rights act. the killing of trayvon martin is another turning point in the nation's long history of coming to terms with race relations and simple justice. his death has caused a national outrage at an exponential level. social media has galvanized, shocked and sadness in a way we haven't seen before. americans are in sensed by this killing. we are also taking a good hard look at those so-called laws that are in the way, like the stand your ground laws. the law passed in florida in 2005, under pressure from the national rifle association, and was later adopted by 19 other states. it took a citizen's right to self-defense and twisted it into a license to kill in many respects. the effects of this law have been building since 2005 and it took the death of a 17-year-old, trayvon martin, to shine a light on it. what we are witnessing here, i think we are witnessing the perfect storm of injustice in america.
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what we have here is a very poorly written law. we are living in a time when law enforcement is getting slashed to fit state budgets. it's not happening in a vacuum. this is what these budget cuts are all about. we have vigilantes out on the streets when we should have more cops on the street. cops are on the beat and under attack across this station and departments are understaffed. overtime, we will have a new atmosphere being created in this country. you know what it's going to be? every man for himself. is that what we want in america? we are truly becoming because of all these budget cutbacks across america, acting as if none of this will affect anything? you know what we're becoming? we're becoming leaner and becoming meaner. it's happening so fast we can't even get justice in our system. whether you are for or against your laws out there that say stand your ground, you will never see it in the same way again.
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the killing of trayvon martin draws a line of demarcation. those in favor of these laws are forced to defend it. we may be witnessing a sea change. but, again, only time will tell. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question. should the stand your ground laws in america be repealed? text a for yes, b for no. you can always go to our blog at and leave a comment. i'll bring you the results of the poll later in the show. i am joined tonight by turner clayton junior, president of the seminole naacp. good to have you with us tonight. i appreciate your time. i want your reaction tonight, first to the news of the day to the sanford police chief, bill lee, temporarily removing himself. what does temporary mean to you? >> well, this means he is stepping aside just for the time
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it takes to conduct this investigation. we here in the city of sanford do not agree with that. we think this man should be terminated or he should tender his resignation. >> and what's the reaction of the people there when they heard this news today? did they think this was some kind of window dressing to the situation or did they think this was a real move forward? >> they just take it as a temporary move forward. it's no real fix. because the city commission had a 3-2 vote on last night, that they had no faith in the chief, it was up to the city manager to make a decision. the city manager didn't want to make a decision on that. so at 12:00 noon today, myself, along with a few other people, had a meeting with the city manager and we told him we wanted this man off the job as of today, no if and buts about it. so they decided they would talk with him and force him into tendering a simple resignation
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of temporary. >> it wasn't until your meeting today at noon that this decision was made for the police chief to step aside for a while? >> that is correct. they had said that they was not going to make any decision about the chief until all the reports have been completed and in. like i said, we talked with him today. we told him if he did not make a decision today, that we would go to the city commission and we would ask for his resignation. and of course they also have the power to remove the city manager as well. so he realized that this was coming so he decided he would go to the chief and force him to temporarily step aside until the investigation is complete. >> mr. clayton, what you're telling us tonight is that all of this pressure is having an effect. what do you expect this rally tonight to have an effect on the community and on what is being handled in law enforcement and the operation of the city? >> well, it's had -- this rally is definitely having an effect. because of the number of people that showed up here "tonight
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show"ed their support for the martin family and the fact that we are looking for justice. we want to make sure justice prevails in this case. by having the chief of police step aside, that is only a small portion of the justice. now, the governor of the state of florida has appointed a special prosecutor because we don't really have faith in the state attorney in this circuit to actually do the right thing. he wanted to pass the buck to a grand jury and have the grand jury make the decision for him. i applaud the governor for stepping in and appointing a special prosecutor in this case. >> you applaud the governor but is he also slow to the punch here on this? >> could you repeat that? i have a lot of background noise behind me. >> i know you do. i appreciate you being with us. i just want to know if you think the governor is doing a reactionary move here, to all of this pressure, because it seems like the governor has been slow to move on this? >> yes, he was very slow to move
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on it. the pressure of these rallies has definitely got to the governor. he saw we will not stop until justice is served. as i told the city commission last night, the line has been drawn in the stand and we will stand our ground. we know law enforcement is improperly using this particular law because it does not apply in this case. is there too much probably cause and the city police department failed to collect major evidence that was needed in this case. >> turner clayton junior, how many people are there tonight? can you tell us? >> we estimate there has to be at least 30,000 people here today. >> the head of the chapter of the naacp from florida, we're joined tonight by turner clayton junior. i appreciate your time, thank you, sir. >> now, let's turn to dr. james
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peterson, director of africana studies and associate professor of english at lehigh university and tremaine lee, from the huffington post at the rally in sanford as well. thank you for your time. professor, let me ask you first, what are your impressions of what you're seeing on television tonight, 30,000 people, and also what's your take on the fact this police officer, this police chief was not going to step down until he was pressured at a noon meeting today. >> first, i'm inspired by the show of support for the community there in sanford and also the rally they had, the hoody rally they had in new york city, the one planning in philadelphia friday for 7:00 p.m. i'm inspired people throughout this nation and around the world are rallying around this cause because is the probably the mos egregious example of justice i have seen in my lifetime and happy we're rising to the call to address this issue. in terms of the police chief, that temporary needs to go. he needs to step down permanently and not temporarily.
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he's conceding the fact his presence in this investigation is impeding the investigation. with that knowledge, if he was a really good criminal justice law enforcement officer, he would step down permanently so he could be removed from this situation and we could take one more step towards justice for trayvon martin. >> what's the mood of the crowd tonight? is there a real sense of something has to happen? >> you can actually feel it under your feet. i talked to one young man earlier. he said it reminded him of the million man march, the feeling of excitement and exuberance. the wave of energy coming across the crowd is amazing. >> will the sanford police department sit back and wait for the grand jury to make a determination instead of doing its job and arresting george zimmerman? >> even before we get to that point, community leaders are hoping the department of justice will get into the roots of the sanford police department and start looking at past cases of
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abuse. in town hall meetings the past few days, folks have talked about being humiliated and abused by the police unjusticely. there is a lot of hope in the community once the department of justice gets in, they will be able to turn this place upside down. >> you and i talked about a sea change last night. we saw the police chief move today, the governor move today. is this now starting to get some wheels and move faster? >> that's what we're seeing actually. the will of the people seems to be bending. i'm not sure who wants to be on the wrong side of history on this one. i wouldn't be surprised if we see developments in the coming days. it's the will of the people. as the reverend al sharpton said, it's a movement now. we'll see how it goes. >> tremaine lee and dr. peterson, thank you for being with us tonight on "the ed show." wish we had more time. share your thoughts on twitter on "the ed show."
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what do you think about 30,000 people showing up there tonight. we want your tweets. up next, do the politicians who passed the stand your ground laws have the guts to repeal them? not only in florida but all over the country. we will talk to a florida legislator who warned killings like trayvon would happen and the syndrome is across the party and we will set them straight. socks he goes through in a week. but it's fine, because i use tide with bleach, which helps keep his socks brilliantly white. bye mom. hold on. [ horn honks ] show 'em what you got!!! mom!! that's my tide. what's yours? multi-policy discount. paperless discount.
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opponents of the florida stand your ground law spoke in 2005. florida state senator dan gelbert joins me. and mitt romney can't blame the president for ruining the economy so instead crediting the man who got us into this mess.
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it's considered one of the most important races this november. i'll talk to tammy duckworth, a candidate facing illinois tea party candidate joe walsh later this hour. you are looking live at 30,000 people who are protesting in sanford, florida. we'll have more on that protest and more discussion about the tragedy unfolding in florida. share your thoughts with us on twitter using the hashtag ed show. we'll be right back.
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reverend al sharpton spoke earlier tonight at sanford,
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florida. >> trayvon could have been any one of our sons. trayvon could have been any one of us. trayvon represents a reckless disregard for our lives that we've seen too long. and we come to tell you tonight enough is enough. >> welcome back to the ed know. that was reverend al sharpton at the rally today of trayvon martin in sanford, florida, just moments ago. the terrible effects of florida's stand your ground law have been mounting and they were predictable. i'm joined tonight by dan gilber former florida state senator and state prosecutor. i want you to look at what you're seeing tonight, that live shot of 30,000 people in response to the murder of
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trayvon martin and also the conversations surrounding this law. what are your thoughts when you see that crowd? >> first of all, we have to understand behind everything, there is a family that lost a child, the child was killed unnecessarily, unfairly, and now they're upset because there doesn't seem to be justice available for this horrible act. it's absolutely understandable. we're a nation of laws and the idea our laws are such that that act of aggression is not going to be vindicated in the courts possibly is upsetting people and absolutely understandably so. >> what do you think of the law now? did you feel before it was passed, that we were going to have instances like this? since we have seen it passed in 2005, there have been 93 cases resulting in 65 deaths. >> i was a federal prosecutor. i also come from a family of prosecutors.
3:22 am
my wife's been a federal prosecutor for 20 years. you don't need to be in law enforcement to know that when you tell somebody you can be stupid and irresponsible and malicious and so long as you say you felt like you were being attacked at some point, you can do whatever you want. if you give people the license to act stupid or venally. those that did not support this, there were 20 and i was in the house at the time the senate passed this anonymously, we said this was going to happen. we were telling people, you can do whatever you want so long as you say to somebody later, i thought i was in danger so i used whatever force i felt necessary, you can get away with murder. that's literally what's been happening in florida, for a legislature that constantly claims they value life, this provision, stand your ground provision endorses behavior that absolutely devalues life.
3:23 am
>> what do you say to your former colleagues who are in the legislature in florida? do they need to address this and repeal it and start over? >> i think they'd be incredibly obtuse if they didn't go back in a special session. they were in one today. the governor was a little bit late but he realizes tens of thousands if not millions of floridians who are aghast at what is playing out here. >> i want to ask you. there has been a lot of talk about the nra and their lobbying efforts. what instances took place that forced the legislature and governor jeb bush at the time to sign this law? were there a bunch of killings that people had to be armed or was this really the work of alec and the national rifle association lobbying just because they wanted people to have firearms?
3:24 am
>> the nra is a victim of their success in that they have won all the major battles and look for these fringe issues now. i asked for this during the legislative session when it was passed, every single person in support of it, i said, give me a single person in florida, name one, who has been unfairly charged, unfairly convicted or acquitted because they used defense and they didn't have the protection of the stand your ground bill. there was not a single instance in florida of a single person suffering in any way. this was a solution in search of a problem and the predictable and unfortunately unintended consequences is what we're seeing right now, a man who potentially will have a defense for the horrible slaying of a child. >> you speak volumes, mr. gelber. i appreciate your time on "the ed show." you're a great resource. we will want to come back to you, speaking common sense to a very tragic situation. thank you very much. up next, mitt romney giving
3:25 am
"w" credit for saving the economy? he must really want us to forget the etch-a-sketch controversy. >> jeb bush hasn't take an stand on the stand your ground florida law, a law he signed in the state of florida. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] your glass of tap water can go farther than you think. just $1 for tap water can help unicef provide clean, safe water for 40 kids in need. ♪ welcome back to "the ed show."
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we call it the obama derangement syndrome. it's sweeping across the republican party in case you haven't noticed. karl rove is doing his part to smear the president saying the death of osama bin laden just wasn't a big deal. today in the "wall street journal" wrote, mr. obama did what virtually any commander in chief would have done in the same situation. even president clinton said in the call, that's the call i would have made. this tells you how bare the white house cupboards are. >> he took the harder and more honorable path. when i saw what had happened, i thought to myself, i hope that's a call i would have made. >> rove's version of clinton's quote was so far out of context, the "wall street journal" changed it and emphasized carl rove's lie in an editorial note. clinton is not the only former president to recognize the perhaps of killing osama bin laden. turd blossom's old boss also thought it was a pretty big deal and called it a momentous achievement. karl rove is way out on this one. let's bring in communication
3:30 am
analyst and former communications director for the democratic national party. why is roves doing that? >> what else does he have to talk about? if it is not such a big deal, why didn't they do it when they had a chance? >> the economy isn't recovering and killing osama bin laden isn't a big deal. >> that's right. don't even think about that little part about the definite that president obama inherited and that surplus that president bush blew away. >> so as a former dnc communications director, what's the best way to respond to the way rove is doing this. if he's doing it this early, it's not going to stop. >> it's not going to stop. it shows frankly they're scared. they know their ammo is
3:31 am
dwindling. not so confident about going after obama on the economy. here's the truth. you and i both knows as americans it's very hard to take down an incumbent president particularly when he can make the argument things are getting better. people will not want to switch gears in the middle if they believe things are getting better. things are getting better. the only thing he can do is when things are getting better, you go after your opponent's strength. we know taking down osama bin laden was a very big deal. if we're playing the word game when i was a kid, i used to watch the game "password" desperation. >> newt gingrich is also addressing it. he refused to address someone who called president obama a muslim. then he went on fox news and said this about the president. >> he's a christian whose policies are to apologize to muslim extremists for killing americans at the same time, waging war against the catholic church.
3:32 am
why is he more sensitive to radical islamists killing americans than to the catholic church and baptists and people pro-life. the fact is, this is a very strange presidency. >> is that desperation? >> that's cowardice. to attack the president? why didn't he stand up to the guy who called the president a muslim? the only reason, these guys are terrified to death of the tea party. how can we possibly trust them in foreign policy matters if they don't stand up to their own people. >> newt gingrich on the campaign trail had a chance to do what john mccain did in 2008 when he said barack obama was an arab. what has happened to the republican party since that moment? >> i want to tell you an antidote about that moment. a little known fact is the threat levels, the tension had
3:33 am
gotten so high on the campaign trail, the secret service protecting then senator obama reached out to the mccain's campaign and said, we need your help toning this down because we're worried. to his credit, mccain stepped in. my point is this kind of language, we know what it does. it incites violence and tragic consequences like we've seen in florida when we let people's biases and stereotypes get out of control. gingrich is afraid to say to this person to say he's a christian and attack the president on whatever policy. >> and the birther conspiracy theory is also alive in the state of florida. congressman cliff stearns recently questioned the legitimacy of the president's birth certificate. house majority cantor said i think cliff stearns does a good job with the chairmanship of the subcommittee. he has my full confidence. what does this say that they can't distant themself of the crazy? >> they're scared to death of the crazy. instead of saying, hey, guys,
3:34 am
you're wrong, they basically let them do as they want. instead of taking them on, this is the trick they play, word game, why should i have to say something? that's what they believe rather than acknowledging your silence says a lot as well. karen finney, great to have you with us. thank you so much. mitt romney says we need to thank george bush for the nation's economic recovery? e.j. is here to respond. later, the american hero versus the american zero. iraq veteran tammy duckworth is taking on alleged deadbeat dad, joe walsh. tonight, tammy duckworth is my exclusive guest.
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the etch-a-sketch candidate,
3:38 am
mitt romney, he's shaking things up again. he's having a hard time how to make president obama look bad while the economy is improving. romney's latest strategy is to give george w. bush credit for saving the economy. >> president bush and hank paulson said we have to do something to show we're not going let the whole system go out of business. i think they were right. i know some people disagree with me. i think they were right to do that. i keep hearing the president say he's responsible for keeping america from going into a great depression. no, no, no. that was president george w. bush and hank paulson that stepped in and kept that from happening. >> yousa! bush saved the economy? newsflash? the bush policies led us to the brink of almost another depression. in the waning days of the depression, bush saved the banks, no doubt and saved his buddies at goldman sachs and obama was looking out, i guess you could say, the rest of the country.
3:39 am
3 1/2 months after t.a.r.p., employment was still in the middle of a steep free fall. then president obama signed this thing called the stimulus package the republicans didn't support and then the autoloan republicans were against and even called it a bailout and then the middle class tax cuts. today, we have had 24 straight months of private sector job growth, unemployment on decline for six months. today, we learned weekly jobless claims fell by another 5,000. they are at the lowest level since february of 2008. sure, t.a.r.p. helped out wall street. president obama went much further when he took office in 2009. i guess mitt romney, he wants you to forget that 2009 ever happened. all gone! let's turn to e.j.
3:40 am
senior fellow from the brooks institution and columnist for the "washington post." see how easy that was? >> i think all people on this show should get etch-a-sketches of their own and shake up. that looks like fun. >> with the romney candidacy, it's the latest and hottest and most useful tool out there. >> amazing metaphor. >> did bush and hank paulson save us from a great depression? >> no. let me give mitt romney this much. if there's anything bush did i respected, he was willing to throw in his free market ideology which didn't work and helped get us in to the mess and that we couldn't let everything go down the drain. i agree, it was better to do t.a.r.p. than not and barack obama could have played politics for it right before the
3:41 am
election, voted for it and that chart you showed is that the recession started under bush. if romney wants to run on the bush economy, i think president obama would welcome that. the job loss has continued seriously for three or four months after obama took office and they passed the stimulus and slowly we started coming back. the second thing he forgets, we almost went under in march in 2009. the people in the white house were petrified the whole system despite t.a.r.p. would collapse again. >> how much of an impact did the stimulus package have? in hindsight, we probably wouldn't have had these 24 months of private sector job growth had we not done the stimulus package. >> i agree. if there's any critique of the stimulus, that it is not big enough. that's from the left. the reason it's smaller than it should have been, in order to get it through the senate, where
3:42 am
there weren't 60 votes yet because al franken was still in a recount, they had to make concessions that cut it down even smaller. compare the relatively small number of public sector layoffs when we had the stimulus helping state and local governments versus what's happened sense. we would have been in a lot of trouble without that stimulus. i hope romney's comment may encourage people to look back and say the stimulus that's been demonized is very important to the recovery we're seeing now. >> he would be giving credit to president obama if he were to do anything like that and that is a cardinal sin, so to speak. most conservative republicans are against t.a.r.p. could this hurt romney in the election? is he going to have to back pedal as well, i really wasn't for the bailout, it was something they had to do on wall street. what do you think? >> i think you're forgetting the etch-a-sketch. he's already moving into the general election. i do think this hurts. there's been a real insthcy
3:43 am
among republicans. a lot of republicans who voted for the bailout tried to align the stimulus into the bailout -- the wall street bailout and attack obama for being for the stimulus. yeah. i think this could hurt him among some conservative republicans and also romney faces a problem which santorum raised in the primaries, he was for baling out wall street and against baling out our auto industry. you can bet that issue is going to come up again in the election, particularly in states like ohio and michigan. >> e.j. dionne, always great to have you here with us. he signed the stand your ground law in florida but jeb bush ant talking about trayvon martin. and next i'll explain why the former governor is missing a real opportunity to lead. stay tuned.
3:44 am
up next, jeb bush has weighed in on the presidential race this week but silent entree von martin, because it is a law he signed. and the race between tammy
3:45 am
duckworth and tea party congressman, joe walsh. tammy joins me later. in the wake of the killing
3:46 am
3:47 am
in the wake of the killing of trayvon martin, some legislators have come forward and expressed their dismay over the total failure of the state's stand your ground law. it allowed george zimmerman to kill an unarmed teenager, claim self-defense and walk free. one person we have yet to hear from is former governor jeb bush. he signed the stand your ground law in 2005 with an nra lobbyist at his side. here's what he had to say at the time. >> it's common sense to allow people to defend themselves and to have to, when you're in a position where you're being threatened, there's a life threatening situation, to have
3:48 am
to retreat and put yourself in a very precarious position, you know, defies common sense. >> since that law, here's some common sense for you that really defies common sense. there have been 93 cases in which this law has come into play in florida since 2005, including 65 deaths. the former governor has been silent and void of leadership at a very crucial time for race relations in america, yet he found the time to endorse mitt romney this week and push for florida senator marco rubio to be on the ticket. jeb bush needs to step up, show some courage and explain what he believes now, the stand your ground law is all about. his partner, in passing the law, needs to speak up, too. the nra, used its money, influence and lobbying effort to
3:49 am
pass the law not only in florida but over a dozen states around america. as daniel gross of the brady campaign reports, they're not stopping there. just days after trayvon martin was killed, the nra, where were they? they were on capitol hill working to nationalize that law, stand your ground. the national reciprocity act would force states like new york with strong gun laws to follow florida's example, just what we want here in manhattan. jeb bush talks about common sense. how's this for common sense, mr. former governor? when stand your from ground legislation reached minnesota governor dayton's desk this month, he vetoed the damn thing and it was the right thing to do. jeb bush paved the way for this senseless tragedy and remained silent. what a political tragedy. coming up, being billed as one of the most important races in the country. will this iraq democrat help the democrats take the house in november? tammy duckworth will join me.
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welcome back to "the ed show." the breaking news tonight, tens of thousands have gathered in florida for justice for trayvon rally. governor scott has announced a special prosecutor in the case. and the police chief was pressured at noon before the rally today. and congressman brown told the crowd she will conduct a congressional hearing in washington on tuesday on hate crime. tonight, in our survey, i asked, should the stand your ground laws in america be repealed? 94% of you said yes. 6% of you said no. coming up, tammy duckworth joins me to discuss her campaign as she takes on tea party congressman joe walsh in illinois. don't forget to listen to me on
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. the big finish tonight, being called one of the most important races in the country happening in illinois, the eighth congressional district. iraq war veteran tammy duckworth won the democratic primary tuesday night. she will face walsh, who nabbed
3:55 am
a 100% rating for his unwavering support for the family even though he owed his wife in child support. meet and greets like this just aren't helping matters. >> don't blame banks and don't blame the marketplace for the mess we're in right now. i am tired of hearing that crap. you know what, this [ bleep ] me off. too many people don't listen. there are already mechanisms in place to do that. are they doing their job? no. what do you want to do? you want to bombard them with more regulations? more government? >> how about reform. >> government screwed this up. quiet for a minute. >> what did i say? >> quiet for a minute or i'm going to ask you to leave. >> no anger there.
3:56 am
i'm joined by tammy duckworth, iraq war veteran, former obama administration official and congressional candidate for illinois. good to have you with us tonight. how do you feel about this, doing this after the big victory? >> i'm really focused on talking to the constituents in the district in contrast to a very extreme congressman joe walsh, listening to my constituents. >> steve israel says illinois is going to be absolutely pivotal to what happens in november. do you believe what happens in your district will reflect what is happening in the country? >> you know, ed, i absolutely do think that is the case. my district is full of hard working americans struggling right now. they need help with jobs and the economy. that's why i will focus on the economy. in my race, all joe's antics aside and everything he's trying to do to become a spokesman for the tea party, what the people in the district need is practical solutions for problems
3:57 am
they're facing, everything from jobs to high cost of education and our infrastructure in the district. >> the race between you and congressman walsh is expected to get pretty heated. here's what he had to say about you. >> i'm hopeful she will not hide behind david axelrod and some of other other chicago democrat advisors and really get in front of voters. >> is tammy duckworth going to get in front of voters? >> i've been in front of voters. unlike joe who said he didn't go to washington to work for his constituents. i'm going to do that, talking to people across the district, making proposals that the need for a grant program to hire people who have been unemployed more than six months, what i've been doing at the state and federal level. people are really concerned out there, they're struggling and need someone who will make sure we help them first, not the wealthiest americans, not the oil companies, not the businesses that send jobs overseas. that's what joe is doing when he
3:58 am
supports things like the very extreme ryan budget. >> what are women in your district saying about the war the gop is engaged on. they said it's not about women. if it's not about women, what is the war on birth control about? >> one of the things he shocked me, it's not about women, religious freedom. i said, women don't care about religious freedom either? he's so out of touch on where people are in this district, waging a war on birth control and women when really we need to make sure our families have health care they need, seniors of medicare, our seniors have social security, to make sure that hard working americans are supported. >> let me ask you about that. the ryan plan, you obviously would be against that, correct? >> i'm absolutely against the ryan plan. it tries to balance the budget and doesn't do that. it increases the budget deficit
3:59 am
and does it on the backs of seniors. it would gut medicare as we know it, in the words of the "wall street journal". >> what do you think people in your district want? >> they want a representative who will roll up their sleeves to work for them and a representative who understands responsibility. i worked this country my entire life and lived my life responsibly, and i want to go to washington to work for those who honor hard work and their responsibilities. >> the president is defending his handling of the keystone pipeline today. he's now fast tracking it. is he doing the right thing? they've been hitting him hard on gas prices. >> i don't know the pipeline has answered my questions are the risks worth the rewards. that oil is going to be sent and sold to china. the profits will go back to canada. we take all of the risk and yet we don't get any of the benefits of lowering gas prices in this coun


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